Church Vision

“It is better to build than to repair” Psalm 127:1

On the night of March 25, 1977, twenty-three people met in the house of Brother and Sister Willie J. Hall for Bible class. Two other meetings followed and on April 14, 1977 Grace Baptist Church was organized with the Rev. Willie J. Hall as organizer and Pastor. The forty people present at this later meeting became charter members. A search was started for a building of worship to house the newly formed church. The Lord directed them to our present building and Grace was blessed with free rent for one year.

The first officers of the Grace Baptist Church were as follows:

Brother Eddie Johnson Sr. - Deacon

Sister Creola Roberts- Mission President

Sister Mary Henry- Mothers Board President

Sister Queenie Otis- Deaconess Board President

Brother Eddie Johnson Sr. Sunday school Superintendent

Sister Ida Poole- Usher Board President

Sister Beverly Small- Children’s Department President

Sister Norma Walker- Choir President

Brother T.L. Brock- Choir Director

Sister Jean Johnson- Organist

Sister Exretta Rhodes- Church Clerk

On April 29, 1977 the first Communion was served. The dedication service was May 1, 1977 and the first Baptism was performed on July 6, 1977 with five candidates. On October 15, 1977 Grace became a member of the Southern Baptist Association. Between the years of 1977 and 1984 the baptism pool was installed, and the piano, organ and speaker system were purchased. The membership grew from 40 to 350. Several Brothers were called into the ministry under the leadership of Pastor Hall. The first one being Charles L. Hopkins followed by Darryl Joyner, Richard Hall, Jimmy Braden, George Gaskins, and Brother Gray.

In May 1984, Pastor Hall and some of the Grace family moved on leaving a small faithful band that carried on the Grace tradition. Rev. Darryl Joyner was elected Interim Pastor and a search for a full time pastor was initiated. In December 1984, the Lord sent another servant to carry on his work as under shepherd of Grace. He sent the Rev. Donel Reedus. He was installed as Pastor on January 27, 1985 with Pastor James T. McCullum of the New Hope Baptist Church officiating. Under the leadership of Pastor Reedus the membership grew from 127 to 402 members.

On November 8, 1998, Pastor Reedus and some of the Grace family moved on again leaving a small faithful band to continue holding up the banner for the Lord. At that time the search began for the new pastor that God had already ordained for the flock. On February 21, 1999 Grace under the guidance of the Holy Spirit decided to accept the vision and program of Grace’s first born son, the Rev. Charles L. Hopkins. On March 21, 1999 in obedience to God and the vision given to Pastor Hopkins, a large number of the members of the Second Bethel Baptist Church where he was pasturing followed their leader to Grace Baptist Church. On that day two Christian remnants became one church body in Christ.


Grace Baptist Church (Bay Area)

705 - 98th Avenue

Oakland, CA 94603

(510) 633-1552 Office   (510) 633-4156 Fax

Rev. Charles L. Hopkins, Pastor - Teacher

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